train station



Q: why is this called "train station?"
A: well, people call their thought process their train of thought, and this is where my thoughts get off the train, so i called it the "train station." i'm sure someone's thought of this before but oh well, i think it's funny.

Q: why is your site wonky looking?
A: i've always liked the old-fashioned times new roman website layout. my goal is to make the site easy to use while also making it colorful and times new roman-y.

Q: the stuff you write on here makes you sound insane.
A: not a question...

Q: what's that funny-lookin' number next to the posts?
A: unix time. wow, i really am a nerd. unix time is the # of seconds since 1/1/1970. you can change it to mm/dd/yyyy with the checkbox in the top left. :)


art section added!!

if your brain can't automagically convert unix time, well now you don't have to!! check that checkbox in the corner to see the actual date.

added extras section with some 3d stuff!

added a software section

train station: construction complete!


      currently moving my site to neocities, i neraly forgot about them. if you want to host a website, neocities is your best bet. please check them out, they're 100% free and open-source. <3

      the guys at spectrum think i'm just some dumb hick. they said that to me at a dinner.

      i regret not purchasing this froggy at goodwill

froggy statue v cute

      i love that walrus operator (:=), magic cookie, and duck typing are all actual programming terms

      i think some english speakers should take a course on english speaking

      testing out some code for the post formatter, let's see if it works!!

      hey! the book came! + thumb reveal + first image woohoo!

mi pu

      got bored so im learning toki pona. i mean, "mi kama sona e toki pona."

      dude tux paint is both my childhood and my favorite art tool download it right now what are you doing come on

      new sections coming soon woohoo

      crackers are so good, at the bottom of the box. (an ai wrote this one, thanks gpt-3 lmao)

      happy pride month gamers also i'm streaming on so come watch!

      anyone know of any good web hosting services, preferably cheap and with mysql options? github pages kinda sucks.

      "joke" political parties don't get enough support :(

      a bit late to the party here but the new tøp album is pretty great, my favorite song has to be "never take it"

      i am not a huge fan of the quadratic formula

     ok first post, nice